About Us

Gourmet Nutrition is a Quebec company that has been specializing since 1988 in the manufacturing of a complete range of natural health products. We offer a vast selection of these products under our private brand name PHYTOVIE.

Gourmet Nutrition also stands out for the quality and diversity of its products all the while offering the best therapeutic potential.

We offer natural health products in capsules, as well as herbal teas in bags and bulk. Our herbal powders, plant extracts and other natural supplements meet the requirements of the Canadian government Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations. This enables us to maintain our stringent requirements concerning the high quality of our products.
Upon establishing a new partnership, Gourmet Nutrition certifies that the quality of its products will guarantee your best satisfaction.

Gourmet Nutrition listens to its customers and ensures they get excellent products and services.


Thank you for your interest in our company.

Your GOURMET NUTRITION F.B. Inc. Team  www.gourmetfb,com